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  • Claims Manager.

    Handling all insurance claims while keeping your company operating more efficiently, JDi Data's Claims Manager software captures all relevant claim information and allows for claim reporting in the process. Along with our fully functioning, out of the box product, JDi Data works around the clock to provide any other functionalities that may be needed along the way.

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  • PolicyAdministrator.

    Serving as your policy management software, PolicyAdministrator® tracks all activity from quotes through underwriting, while also allowing you to assign levels of access for each employee using the solution. Through income and loss report summaries, and an outlook plugin for email tracking and storage, JDi Data makes your (work) life far more productive while increasing your return on investment.

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  • TimesManager.

    By pairing time and billing technologies and many customizable integrations into one easy-to-use solution, the team at JDi Data has been able to provide an all-around client management software to those representing the law. The simplicity of our affordable and timeless designed product is a necessary factor to this productivity increasing time and billing software.

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  • VendorCostControl.

    Utilizing our proprietary software, JDi Data serves as the cost administrator for claim and defense cases that requires complex litigation. Our real time reporting and time saving techniques will decrease your business costs and provide more accurate results, while increasing your team's productivity and overall happiness.

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