"Coronado Claims Services and its affiliated law firm proudly adopt accessible and sophisticated software systems for our clients. After researching and using several time and billing software systems, we found Times Manager to be the most exceptional system for keeping, reporting, and billing time. The software is user-friendly and adaptable. It even links to our existing electronic claims and litigation document depository system, making it globally accessible to its users, auditors, and clients."

Amel Esposito Esq,

"Times Manager handles my billing needs in a user friendly, attractive and cost effective package second to none."

Timothy M. Hartley , Esq., Attorney

"I was impressed as soon as I started using the Times Manager system. It was intuitive and easy-to-use. There is no question that it will make an immediate and significant improvement to my ability to easily keep track of the time I am spending on each project with a client so that I can bill them appropriately. In other words, my life just got a whole lot easier."

John Brookhouse, Owner, 1oClock Multimedia

'Times Manager was such a comprehensive system that we were able to start fully using it from day one. It was quite intuitive and required very little training to get myself and our employees up and running with creating time slips and invoices easily."

Joesph Lewis, Accountant, Montrose Accounting Company