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Our Hands Off Software Will Reduce Risk & Save You Money

Components of Success

When using JDi Data's CTrax to manage certificates of insurance (COI) - public entities and privately held companies of all sizes alike will experience an abundance of features that satisfy their every need. Our CTrax is built with your time and productivity in mind. After all, how could we pass up an opportunity to share our passion for innovation and return on investment with you?

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Limit Risk

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User Support

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Unlimited Documents

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Everything You Need to Succeed

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Certificate Library

Upload and retrieve all of your certificates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easily view information pertaining to policy period, carrier, producer, coverage limits, and contact name. Finally get rid of filing cabinets and paper documents for good.
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“Hands Off” Updates

Through the use of our intuitive software, manually updating fields are a thing of the past. Upon receiving renewal from you service provider, COiTrax will automatically update all fields within the certificate. User intervention is only needed if the document doesn’t meet defined requirements.
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The dashboard feature allows for the user to easily view potential expiring policies and the ability to segment them by line of insurance division.
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Renewal Request:

Configure automatic workflows to send request renewals to your service providers. Workflow rules are determined by users and can be customized to your business needs.
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Through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), COiTrax makes uploading current and new files easier than ever. Our technology will scan each certificate and accurately populate fields, saving your team valuable time and limiting risk exposure.
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This functionality allows users to group certificates by project. Easily access view service providers associated with a particular  job in our digital filing system. Ideal for clients whose vendors working more than one job and/or require multiple lines of insurance coverage.
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Reduced Overhead

COiTrax has a proven track record for delivering return on investment. By mitigating risk and lowering time spent managing COI's,we have effectively lowered operating costs for clients of all sizes.
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Increased Productivity

What does all this functionality mean for you? Simply put, less risk exposure and more automation. By utilizing our knowledge base we have developed an industry leading solution built for risk professionals. Our team of experts will allow you to work less on time consuming tasks and more on mitigating risk.

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