A comprehensive administration tool for complex litigation services.

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Claim and defense litigation financials are often complex and unwieldy. That’s why we designed VendorCostControl™, a comprehensive administrative tool specifically for complex litigation services. VendorCostControl™ tracks defense costs – both primary and additional insured– and allocates defense costs to parties such as; developers, builders, subcontractors, insurers, etc.

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What-If Scenarios

VendorCostControl™ allows users to calculate shares for carriers who are not yet included in a matrix, but may be at a future time. Attorneys, adjusters, vendors, and experts can get a hypothetical share calculation in no time by using our VendorCostControl™ solution.
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Real Time Reporting

VendorCostControl™ provides the innovative tools and phenomenal resources to do your reporting and evaluating of data efficiently. Our system uses a uniform task code to categorize expert and defense costs, while comparing them to budgets using data from date of participation to dismissal.
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Share Allocation

Built with you in mind, VendorCostControl™ has created a way to advise carriers of their invoice shares. Share allocation begins with participant tender dates and ends based on policy exhaustion, settlement dates, or agreed upon cut-off dates. Shares may be allocated evenly among multiple participants and will be immediately recalculated with the addition or subtraction of additional insureds.
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Document Management

Capturing all document file activity is just one way we believe in helping you operate more efficiently.Whether you're uploading, scanning, or sharing a document, we ensure even the most intricate invoicing processes between our team and clients will be made easier with this tool.
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User Control Portal

We've incorporated the world of mobile technology into VendorCostControl™ by allowing each user 24/7 access to their case manager. By creating a user-friendly and completely secure portal, VendorCostControl™ allows for access to support and file management at anytime, anywhere.
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Claim Tracking & Management

VendorCostControl™ tracks primary insured and additional insured defense costs and allocates to the developer, builder, subcontractor, manufacturer, vendor, or other insured. Real time date allows for the review of all defense costs, carrier allocations, payments, balances owed and cash on hand.

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